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Call: 1-800-448-7001
GoTour Tour Software

Tour Software Solutions for the Motorcoach and Travel Industry

Whether you are moving from another system or transitioning from spreadsheets, GoTour offers a great set of features at a very affordable price.

We host GoTour in the cloud so there is no server setup or software updates you need to manage. GoTour can be accessed from anywhere using a broadband internet connection and a modern web browser such as Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

We welcome all feedback about your experience using our software, support, or any other service offered by Relational Bus Systems. Your opinion and ideas matter and we would love to hear them.

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Key Features

  • Document and system customization including company logo
  • Variable passenger pricing, and variable vendor costing
  • Receivable management with supporting reports
  • Payable and payment management with supporting reports
  • Gift certificate management
  • Clone feature for quick duplicate tour construction
  • Online credit card authorization and processing available
  • Free training and support via online help guide, email, phone, etc.
  • All inclusive hosting, upgrades, and backup
  • Customer Travel History and Interests
  • Customer Export to Spreadsheet
  • Mix group and retail customers on the same tour

Online Credit Card Authorization

RBS offers fully integrated, real time credit card authorization (pending credit approval). Payments are processed fast and securely by Century Business Solutions, a recognized leader in credit card processing. Call RBS at 1-800-448-7001 for more information.

Hosted on Amazon Web Services

We use Amazon Web Services for GoTour because they are the leading provider for cloud based software and services. Access to GoTour can be made from any device with broadband internet access and a modern web browser such as Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari. Our professional staff takes care of provisioning server hardware, software updates, security patching, backups and other maintenance tasks so you don't have to.


Pricing and Billing

GoTour billing is straightforward and simple. Your bill is a small percent of your gross tour revenue. Billing by gross revenue means that your company pays more for high activity months of the year but less for low activity months.

Tours (if any) having no gross revenue are billed on a per passenger basis.

To cover our own costs of development, administration, support, and hosting in the cloud, our minimum fee is $195 per billing cycle.

At the end of a billing cycle, the percent of gross revenue and the aggregated per passenger price of no revenue tours (if any) are summed to determine your total bill. If your total bill is less than our minimum, your bill will be $195.

Our billing cycle closes on the last day of every calendar month. Try our billing calculator to estimate your bill.

Billing Calculator

Gross Revenue Pricing

For revenue based tours that depart within a billing cycle, we apply the following billing method:

For the initial gross revenue range, we charge 0.5% (one half of one percent) of that revenue. *Volume discounts are applied for gross revenue exceeding $75,000 per billing cycle. (See table below)

Gross Revenue Range Fee
First $75,000 0.5%
Next $75,000 0.4%
Remaining 0.3%
Revenue is based in US dollars

Per Passenger Pricing (for no revenue tours, if any)

For tours with no revenue that depart within a billing cycle, we apply the following billing method:

A fee of $0.50 per passenger is charged for any zero revenue tours that depart within a given billing cycle. *Volume discounts for per passenger billing start above 500 passengers. (See table below)

Passenger Range Price Per Pax
First 500 0.50
Next 500 0.40
Remaining 0.30
Fee is based in US dollars

One Time Fees (Optional)

Setup fees are waived for companies that self configure and customize GoTour without the assistance of a GoTour team member. For customers who would like assistance with the setup and configuring of GoTour, the fees are listed below.

System Setup and Configuration Charge
$500 (up to 2 offices included)
$150 per office for each additional office
Import Data
Customer: $300
Vendor: Call for quote

The "One Time Fees" are optional and only apply to companies that need assistance to configure GoTour with the help of a team member. For customers that choose the self setup option, Relational Bus Systems reserves the right to charge the original proposed $500 setup and configuration fee if support is requested during the setup or configuration tasks that exceeds one hour of total combined support time.

Upgrades, backup, start up training, and support (other than install and configuration) are included at no additional cost.

All prices and policies subject to change without notice

*Volume discounts reset at the beginning of each billing cycle.

System Requirements

All you need is an internet connection (broadband 10 Mbps down/5 Mbps up or 4-5G) and a modern web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari.
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