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Prophesy Mileage & Routing Subsystem ...more
Email Direct and File Transfer Utility ...more
GoMile ...more
Driver Duty Time ...more
Web Manager ...more
Online Credit Card Processing ...more
Online Driver Schedule ...more
Online Quote Requests ...more
Online Document Storage and Retrieval ...more
Security and Individual User Login Option ...more
Advanced Accounting and Management Reporting Suite ...more
GoTran ...more
Post Departure Reconciliation Module & Estimated Contribution Calculator (PDR) ...more
Cost & Pricing Module ...more
Split Company Accounting ...more
Custom Reports/Exports ...more
Secure Off-site Backup ...more
Prophesy Mileage & Routing Subsystem

Integrates with GoChart to calculate mileage based costing and to print driving instructions. Prophesy also integrates with GoMile to estimate IFTA state miles. Mileage database updates are available for existing users that include toll and highway exchange number updates and cartography and zip code changes. If you have had Prophesy installed for more than three years or have the GoMile Module, and have not updated this is recommended.

Email Direct and File Transfer Utility

Allows you to email Confirmations, Quotes, Invoices and drivers orders directly from the GoChart program using your default (usually Outlook) email client. The file transfer aspect of this module also allows you to save any RBS system report to a PDF format that can be attached to an email for distribution or stored electronically, or in an .xls spreadsheet format for accounting analysis and storage.


IFTA compatible Fuel Tax Reporting system. GoMile’s tight integration with GoChart and the Prophesy Mileage and Routing Sub-System makes data management for Fuel tax reporting almost effortless.

Driver Duty Time

Integrated with GoChart to manage time for the purpose of payroll. You can manage “Payroll Time” on any number of calculation methods including: Percentage of charter cost, paid miles, paid hours or straight pay, or any combination including pre-paid tips and cash advances. The Advanced Reporting Suite gives you all the information you need to plug the “gross payroll number” into your payroll system for net calculation and check printing. As well as these payroll reports, DDT includes a detailed report for each driver that shows how their pay has been calculated.

Web Manager

This is the basis for connecting GoChart to the Internet. The online Driver Schedule module, Online Quote Request module, integrated Credit Card Processing module, and Document Retrieval module use the Web Manager module to provide multiple internal and/or external Web Browser connections that allow users to store data in and retrieve data from the GoChart application database.

For Credit Cards - RBS is certified with one of the nation’s leading credit card processing systems. Credit card processing is integrated into the RBS GoChart application, eliminating duplicate entry into separate systems. Credit cards are authorized over an encrypted data connection to a reliable and secure internet gateway service.

For Quote Requests - Customers can request quotes online by providing some basic information which is used to open a quote in GoChart. Web Manager also emails customers, verifying receipt of the quote request. Web Manager integrates quote requests directly from the web into GoChart.

For Special Requests via the Web - Web Manager includes access to driver’s schedules allowing drivers to access their schedules from home, office or anywhere with an Internet connection. Please call RBS at 1-800-448-7001 to discuss accessing your data over a secure web connection on your laptop, phone, or anywhere with Internet access.

Online Credit Card Processing

One click, fully integrated, real time credit card authorization. GoChart transmits encrypted data via an internet connection to a reliable and secure gateway service. Within seconds, payment is either authorized or declined.

RBS is certified with one of the nation’s leading credit card processing systems. Credit cards are authorized over an encrypted data connection to a reliable and secure internet gateway service.

Online Driver Schedule

Provides drivers the ability to log on and retrieve their schedules in GoChart from the driver room or from home using a web browser. Driver input updates the dispatch display, reducing phone communication between dispatcher and driver. Coupling this module with the Online Document Retrieval module allows the driver to access map images and create PDF documents containing selected maps.

Online Quote Requests

Integration of quote requests entered on your web site or BusRates directly into the GoChart database. Reduces time spent accessing and keying quote requests into GoChart.

Online Document Storage and Retrieval

Allows GoChart users to scan paper documents received from customers, index them, and save them in an image repository. It also enables users to index and save email attachments. All documents saved in the repository can be retrieved by clicking buttons on GoChart screens that initiate the search and display process. The document storage and retrieval application uses a web browser to manage the document repository. The daily off-site backup of the saved document images, and the GoChart database are available as well.

Security and Individual User Login Option

When the Security Module is activated, a username/password combination is required to get into the program. Based on this user login, the administrator can control which features and reports are accessible.

Advanced Accounting and Management Reporting Suite

Adds a number of accounting and management reports that supplement the invoicing and receivables features in the base system including: “Month-End Report Suite”: Six Reports that “Prove” month-to-month change in accounts receivables and liabilities and more sophisticated Utilization and Sales reporting.


Provides easy creation and duplication of route and line run components. Provides ridership capture including cash fares by route, run, and stop. Provides detailed reporting of captured ridership and cash fare data. Provides flexible contract invoicing.

Post Departure Reconciliation Module & Estimated Contribution Calculator (PDR)

Allows you to put in certain company variables like average price paid per gallon for fuel, average miles/gallon for each vehicle type, driver hourly pay, contribution/mile for maintenance and contribution/hour for overhead. The user is then presented with a screen that allows for data entry of other variable costs such as tolls, parking and driver overnight, etc. The system then uses this information to calculate a charter move’s contribution to overhead or gross profit.

Cost & Pricing Module

Allows you to connect fare types to a rate calendar so that the system can determine which fare to use based on the departure date of the move. For customers with Post Departure Reconciliation Modules, this module uses cost parameters for labor, fuel, maintenance, and indirect costs and marks them up based on the variable percentage you associate with time periods, to create a suggested selling price.

Split Company Accounting

Provides companies that require different brand identity for different divisions or locations to have different headers or logos on their confirmations, invoices etc. depending on which division or location is responsible for the sale. It also provides separation of accounting reports based on the division that is responsible for the sale. Many of our customers who have both a school bus division and a charter division utilize this module because they have separate revenue reporting requirements for insurance purposes.

Custom Reports/Exports

Allows you to work with an RBS Software Developer to create reports that show your data in a format designed by you. This data can also be exported so that you can use and manipulate it as necessary.

Secure Off-site Backup

Off-site Backup and Recovery software service is designed with disaster recovery in mind. A backup client on your server connects remotely and backs up your critical GoChart data daily. Only you and RBS have access to this data. Notification emails are sent each time the data is backed up. RBS ensures that backup data is properly available for restoration and maintains a 2 user, terminal services/remote desktop environment to which your data can be recovered. You will have access for 2 users, for 1 month, while you re-establish your network infrastructure.

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