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Call: 1-800-448-7001

About Relational Bus Systems

Who Is RBS

Relational Bus Systems (RBS) is a software development house doing business in Upstate New York since 1987. We have supplied custom programming services to local businesses and Fortune 500 companies in the New York City Metropolitan area. Our "non-transportation" client list has included Corning Inc., Metpath, The Smithsonian Group, the Library of Congress, Scholastic Magazine, and a number of research universities. A detailed list of clients and references is available upon request.

The principles of RBS have long histories in small systems development. Founder, Bill Harnett, had his roots in the Canadian travel industry where, among other things, he developed tour operations management software for a regional carrier and systems for the Canadian and British Association of Travel Agencies. Bob Schecter, Founder and President, has been involved in software development since the mid 1970's. Walter Buist is our Head Developer. He has been the architect of many of our products including GoChart and GoTour. Walter spent over 20 years developing applications for the securities industry before joining RBS. The senior management team at RBS has combined over 60 years in small systems applications development.


The Beginning

In 1989 RBS received a contract to develop software for a local charter motorcoach operator, Oneonta Bus Lines. Over the course of the next three years we automated every aspect of their business from charter bookings and scheduling to tour reservations and receivables management. During this process, and subsequently, we were urged to make our system available for wider distribution.

Product Launch

In the fall of 1992 we began offering our system nationwide. Since our participation at the UBOA Bus Expo '93 in Miami, we have installed almost 500 systems across North America. The interest in our products has been outstanding. We believe that our products are functionally equivalent or superior to other systems available and are priced competitively.


RBS is constantly building upon the strong foundation of our original GoTour and GoChart products. Our software engineers are constantly reviewing the latest and best technology available today. Our updated features and modifications are user driven. Continuous enhancements and improvements are based on industry changes, user comments and suggestions.



GoChart features customer and contract management, schedule and dispatch, accounts receivable, operations reports, and numerous accounting reports. Add-on modules allow you to customize our system to fit your company’s needs. The security module is now more powerful with stricter controls and requires each employee to access RBS using a unique login and password. User defined permissions allow access to specific areas of the program depending on job types such as administrator, salesperson, dispatcher, and driver. Each employee is assigned to one or more job types.

Send an evaluation request or contact us for a fully functional copy of GoChart to evaluate in your offices for 45 days without risk or obligation. During this time you are treated as fully registered users and have full access to our toll-free support plan.


GoTour is hosted in the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS). It was one of the first browser-based tour management systems available in North America. GoTour is used to manage reservations, itineraries, payables, receivables. GoTour also produces management reports and customer documents for group and retail tours. Users can access GoTour from any device that has an internet connection. It is hosted and maintained using a combination of RBS professional staff members and AWS automation, including all updates and backups. Users need only a modern web browser and a internet connection to create tours, book reservations, and run reports using GoTour.

Launch a GoTour instance to have a fully functional GoTour trial site ready for use within minutes. You can access the trial site for 45 days without risk or obligation. During this time you are treated as fully registered users and have full access to our written, email and phone support.

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